Why MuniRoute™? Is MuniRoute™ right for you?

MuniRoute™ is a commercial vehicle navigation and distribution system that plans optimal routes for freight trucks and other vehicles requiring special consideration. The system provides vehicle routing and route options, and takes many important factors into account. These include posted weight and speed limits, vertical clearance and load capacity of bridges, dimensions of roads and bridges, truck characteristics, energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, and livability concerns. Additionally, events that impact these routes are tracked in real time and changes are made as needed. Weather conditions, construction zones, traffic, accidents, and other such obstructions to a route are taken into consideration by MuniRoute™.

These factors are relevant to all industries concerned with commercial vehicles. However, there are some specific applications addressed by the MuniRoute™ system that have their own, specialized concerns and needs. The software is easily customizable to fit in already existing systems in any capacity needed. Regardless of the environment in which MuniRoute™ operates, the resulting routes will have the shortest travel distance and/or travel time. These optimal routes can be applied to all commercial vehicles, including those requiring state and/or municipal permits, such as those transporting hazardous materials. MuniRoute™ is a system that conforms to the needs of all entities that require routing and distribution services.

The MuniRoute™ software was initially designed to be a platform that can accommodate the specialized routing needs of large, commercial vehicles. However, MuniRoute™ has evolved to do much more than that. It also helps all users to excel with its advanced navigational capabilities. With this system, commercial vehicles are directed to the most efficient route, customized with the specific parameters of each vehicle. In this way, each truck is given the best possible route, saving time, energy, and costs. As an additional benefit, while it minimizes the amount of time spent on the road, it also minimizes the amount of CO2 emissions that a truck produces. This results in a reduced carbon footprint, as these kinds of benefits build up significantly over time. Trucking companies using MuniRoute™ can expect to become industry leaders with the support of this unique, customizable system.

The distribution industry includes any entity that delivers groceries, manufactured goods, gas and oil, etc. or performs other home deliveries or services. There is a wide variety of vehicle types that are involved in distribution, all of which can be safely and efficiently navigated with MuniRoute™. With an increasing number of online grocery delivery companies, the issue of optimizing distribution networks represents an important challenge to the routing industry. With the MuniRoute™ solution to this “traveling salesman’s problem” and our GIS-based software, we have a superior product that can provide the fastest route for any vehicle making multiple stops. This multi-stop routing capability is available alongside the traditional point-to-point routing needs of distance hauling.

The issue of livability in municipal areas was among the key factors for the creation of MuniRoute™. Heavy freight traffic can be a “threat” to livability in sensitive areas. Noise and air pollution, along with deterioration of infrastructure through extensive commercial vehicle use, can severely affect the quality of life in neighborhoods. In addressing this significant concern, MuniRoute™ directs commercial vehicles away from sensitive areas within municipalities. Instead, it suggests more appropriate routes, ones that are capable of handling the impact of commercial vehicle transport. In this way, municipal areas remain livable and infrastructure damage is minimized.

MuniRoute™ can also be used by a municipality to route the vehicles (private and municipal) performing services for the city. For example, our software can help plan the best routes for waste removal, city buses, etc. It can also create less permanent routes for temporary situations, including construction or any municipal event that requires vehicles to be navigated.

State government agencies can also benefit from the MuniRoute™ system. State governments deal with large quantities of permits for commercial vehicles that transport heavy, wide, or otherwise hazardous loads. These permits allow trucks and other vehicles transporting goods, as well as those that may be oversize or overweight, to travel a predetermined route in order to deliver their freight. MuniRoute™ can be a part of this process. It can help produce low-risk, high-efficiency routes and improve the overall permitting process. Additionally, state governments can benefit from the data inherent in the MuniRoute™ system. This is because use of MuniRoute™ generates raw data that provide useful insights into a state’s commercial, economic, and other related activities. The resulting database embodies powerful information and can represent a very valuable resource to state governments.