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The MuniRoute™ system is a premium distribution and navigational tool that is interactive and easy to use. With the system, users receive access to an online platform complete with controls for customization of route parameters and an adjustable, exportable map that displays the routes. Through the routes created with MuniRoute™, freight transport and navigation of all commercial vehicles becomes more efficient. Vehicles are directed along the optimal route, which:

  • Mitigates congestion
  • Mitigates infrastructure hazards
  • Minimizes harmful emissions
  • Minimizes energy use
  • Maximizes safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Maximizes the livability of areas impacted by commercial vehicles
  • Reduces noise and air pollution in sensitive municipal areas
  • Saves time and money

Through the wealth of data that supports MuniRoute™ all of this and more can be accomplished. Relevant data such as vertical clearance of bridges, weight limits, speed limits, and other road data is integrated into the system to support vehicle routing for any chosen origin and destination points.

Comparable systems such as GPS and other navigational entities do not provide the same all-encompassing experience that MuniRoute™ contains. With updated and specified data and map information, MuniRoute™ is more reliable than an average GPS in routing commercial vehicles.

MuniRoute™ also offers information on traffic, weather, construction, accidents, and other incidents or events that may cause congestion. This kind of information is used, along with the other features and services, to create optimal routes for every driver and vehicle. An example of the kind of information MuniRoute™ uses can be seen by clicking the button below.

New York Traffic Information

MuniRoute™ was developed to be used by anyone, anywhere. This is accomplished through an easily adaptable system. It can be translated for ease of use and with the necessary data from any area of the world, the system can be applied and implemented in that area. MuniRoute™ can bring the beneficial effects of lowered congestion and hazard mitigation to the world.

There are certain additional elements of MuniRoute™ that are available only to users of the system. One of these services is training in the form of webinars, presentations, etc. that detail the use of the system along with additional relevant topics, such as:

  • Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Infrastructure, and Infrastructure to Vehicle Connectivity
  • Solving Energy, Infrastructure, Health Care, and Environmental Issues with Informatics
  • MuniRoute™ and Commercial Vehicle Permitting
  • Routing Needs in Industry and Manufacturing

MuniRoute™ is an adaptable software that can be adjusted for use by any type of vehicle and any existing system that it may interact with. Any company or entity in need of superior navigation for their vehicles can have a customized version of MuniRoute™ that is suited specifically to their needs. For example, a custom system can be created for integration in a company that has an existing logistical system that works well, but is lacking sufficient routing capabilities. An entity that utilizes electric vehicles will require more specialized routing in order to account for the discrepancies.

There are many entities that have a constantly changing network of customers that require services and a fleet of vehicles that are employed to provide these services. The safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective routes can be created for these entities with every new addition to the customer network. Utilizing the MuniRoute™ capability for multi-stop routing and improved distribution services, such entities can trust that their route is optimal at all times.