Price Chopper - Introduction to MuniRoute™

October 3, 2014

5:18 PM

ARMA International, LLC

Price Chopper - Introduction to MuniRoute™

The ARMA Team met with Price Chopper Supermarkets to introduce MuniRoute™ and present the solution to the group of SUNY Albany Business students. The intention of the presentation was to interest Price Chopper in the routing solutions that MuniRoute™ provides and to educate the students about a new navigational software and its implications.

The presentation discussed the general problems surrounding commercial vehicles, how MuniRoute™ works to combat these problems, and some specific examples of the kinds of navigational solutions that are possible with the system.

An assignment was given to the students, to test out the functionality of MuniRoute™ and assess the application specifically to Price Chopper. Those who did so admirably will be certified by ARMA in the use of MuniRoute™.

The presentation was very successful in enraging students, as well as Price Chopper. Follow-up meetings are expected in order to solidify the relationship.

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