NYSERDA Meeting and Post-Meeting Strategic Advisory Board Lunch

September 17, 2014

4:25 PM

ARMA International, LLC

NYSERDA Meeting and Post-Meeting Strategic Advisory Board Lunch

Hello all,

The ARMA Team presented the most recent phase of development on the MuniRoute™ project. A presentation
was given that reviewed the contents and achievements of recent tasks. These tasks involved the design and adjustment
of the MuniRoute™ application and web site, as well as the development of a Marketing and Business Plan.
The presentation also included descriptions of previous events that MuniRoute™ has participated in,
such as meetings with Frito-Lay and the RAND Corporation.

The intended sales program and future interests were also discussed, with the conclusion that NYSERDA will continue
to provide support to the growing system. Future actions include contacting the High Tech Rochester group for mentorship,
establishing a workshop with NYSMTA members, and developing a relationship with Price Chopper Supermarkets.

Following the meeting with NYSERDA, the Strategic Advisory Board members assembled to discuss the results of the
meeting and the direction of the MuniRoute™ deployment plan. Topics included potential case study
participants, pricing policies, and NYSDOT involvement.

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