Freight Truck Navigation System

Introducing MuniRoute™ by ARMA: Commercial Vehicle Navigation System Through Municipalities

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What Is MuniRoute™?

A state-of-the-art freight route GIS-based mapping tool based on complete data sets and a unique, specialized algorithm with sophisticated decision-making functionality optimized for non-interstate freight transport operations. A certified “green” solution, MuniRoute™ helps carriers to determine routes through local communities that are travel-safe and are optimized for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions. With a variety of primary and optional routes guaranteed to provide safer options for freight travel and access to real-time congestion management options, MuniRoute™ saves time and money and protects the environment from unnecessary emissions and shields communities affected by truck traffic.

Industrial development often dramatically increases overweight/oversize freight traffic on state and municipal roads (county, cities, towns and villages) that are ill-equipped to handle such traffic.
ARMA International, LLC has created a solution that mitigates this problem with our unique software, MuniRoute™, specifically designed to generate safe, energy-efficient optimal route mapping options to freight carriers.
Avoid congestion as it occurs with pre-identified alternate routing options and decision-making tools that aid selection of the best routes based on known causes of congestion and other selected criteria.